Sibel Inc. is commercializing the ANNE system - a breakthrough wearable sensor system that will revolutionize the care of the most fragile patients - premature neonates cared for in the NICU.





Adhesives for ultra-fragile skin, fully functionality enabling in the hospital and post-change monitoring without wires

Ability to recapitulate critical parameters with accuracy already validated, deliver advanced measurement parameters 

Software-enabled advanced analytics for future predictive algorithms, display vital signs in a real-time monitoring screen​​

A.N.N.E. Mobile Application

  • The customizable UI has Night/Day UI themes with a low blue light mode to help neonates sleep.

  • Advanced data syncing to the cloud allows for the development of advanced analytics and future machine learning.

  • Record, and store notes to correlate with sensor data integrated with existing electronic medical record systems.

  • Streaming music player for music therapy.

"I would prefer wireless monitoring because I can touch her and hold her without the wires"

by parent of a neonate born at 26-weeks

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